Robert van der End is an independent songwriter from the Netherlands. He writes orchestral and also contemporary music.  

Listening to his music you may hear a melodic style that is very much his own. Inspired by composers from centuries before, it's structure is modern and full of fresh idea's. Music for people (2021), a collection of story driven short songs, is his first album.

Have a listen to 'Alfred & Bernard' (Music for People) 

Music for People

Debut album

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A bit of  'Force minor' (Music for People) 

Robert has been writing songs for almost his whole life, but only now feels confident his work is ready for the world. Throughout 2020 he has been working on his album in an intuitive and experimenting way. Without a formal music education, he avoided the road much traveled and was able to bend some rules about composition.  He learned most from other songwriters and musical friends.  Although he is not a stageperformer, you can see him play in some of his video's.

The desktop version of this site contains more content such as video's. 

A piece of  'Dolphin & Whale' (Music for People) 

A slice of  'Fantasy in X' (Music for People) 

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 A Sample of  'Starless sleep ' (Music for People) 

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